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 For the Narthex project this past week the following was worked on:  Completed hanging and   finishing Sheetrock  Completed tile installation in restrooms  Prime and first coat on walls   ahead of ceiling grid  Completed wood rafter installation  Completed jamb extensions on   doors and windows  Installed hollow metal door frames  Washed travertine flooring and   started installation  Installed exterior fascia trim and soffits Continued installation of brick   veneer

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If you are interested in being part of a Living the Eucharist Lenten study this year please contact Deacon Larry. We will soon be ordering books for groups. If you were not in a group last year you can learn more at LivingtheEucharist.org. 

150 Years as St. Francis Xavier Parish!

The Sacraments have been celebrated in the Golden Isles since 1566 by priests traveling with the Spanish explorers. Missions were set up along the coast from that time providing almost 500 years of the Sacraments in the Golden Isles! In 1868 a small chapel was built in Brunswick dedicated to St. Francis Xavier. A more suitable brick and stone church was built on Newcastle Street in 1884. The present “new” church building was dedicated on April 2, 1967. This year St. Francis Xavier parish celebrates her 150th anniversary! With 150 years of parish history behind us we gave thanks for the faith of those who have gone before us and given us such a great foundation. Your presence and support of SFX Parish and School continues a legacy of almost 500 years of Catholic presence on the Georgia Coast! 

Our Parish and School History 

1566 – Fr. Pedro Martinez lands in Georgia accompanying explorers from Spain. Spanish Franciscan Fathers set up missions along the coast of Georgia from 1566 – 1742. 1597 – Between Sept. 14-17 Five Franciscan Friars (the GA Martyrs) are killed on the GA Coast. 1791 – The Du Bignon family purchases Jekyll Island. A visiting priest occasionally comes to say mass on the island. 1844 – The Du Bignon family moves to Union St. in Brunswick. Mass is said in their home for the few Catholics in town – mostly of French and Irish descent. Various Jesuit priests minister during this time. 1868 – A small chapel is built and named after St. Francis Xavier. 1871 – Priests of the Diocese of Savannah are given care of the parish. 1884- A new brick and stone church is built and dedicated on Newcastle Street and dedicated on April 27, 1884. 1897 – The parish is entrusted to the care of the Marist Fathers (Fathers of the Society of Mary). 1900 – Saint Joseph School is established. The Sisters of St. Joseph run the school. The school opens with 70 students. 1922 – The Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, St. Louis, take over the school. 1938 – The Portuguese parishioners present a statue of Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima. It is carved from a solid block of dry Brazilian cedar. Each Mother’s Day it is carried in procession around the church. In the afternoon the local priest blesses the fishing fleet and places a wreath of flowers in memory of deceased fishermen. 1953 – St. Joseph’s Convent is built (now the Christian Formation Center). 1958 – Due to growth at the school a new school complex is built and dedicated on February 9. As a tribute to the generosity of the parish the school is renamed St. Francis Xavier. 1967 – The present church building is dedicated in April. 1988 – The Conventual Franciscan order is given care of the parish. 1996 – Xavier Hall is dedicated with a gymnasium, kitchen and meeting rooms. 2014 – Priests of the Diocese of Savannah are given care of the parish. 2017 – The Forward with Faith Campaign is launched with plans to renovate the church and school properties. What will you add to the legacy of SFX Parish and School?