​Feel free to enter the church via the Narthex doors on weekends. Please note that once mass starts we will lock the doors coming from Howe Street for security. You are always free to exit the church via these doors since they have crash bars and are open from the inside.​

​Our new main bathrooms (and water fountains) are located in the Narthex. Each bathroom has three toilets. We have large screen TVs in the Narthex with video and audio if parents need to take toddlers out for a stretch break. The bathrooms are accessed from the front right side of church behind the two double doors​

 Bishop’s Annual Appeal for 2019. This year’s theme is “Who is my neighbor?” Your sacrificial gift and prayers will help make this year’s appeal a success. Our parish target is $ 58,467 and we can do this if, after thoughtful consideration and prayer, everyone participates according to our ability. We would like for this year’s numbers to be a little more accurate, so we are asking you to send your pledges and payments directly to the Diocese of Savannah using the BAA envelope. Please make sure to write your check to Diocese of Savannah with St. Francis Xavier Church in the memo line so we get credit. 

Welcome to St Francis Xavier and Father Tim McKeown Page

Here you will find information, Interesting Articles, Comments, and Insights from our own Fr. Tim 

​For Confessions on Saturday and Sunday you may wait in the pews on the front right side of church. If the door to the confessional is open you may go in. Please close the door behind you. The first room as you enter is “behind the screen” for private confession. The second door is for face to face confession.​

​Narthex Nights We will offer some short teaching classes this summer after the Wed. 7:00 pm mass. We will gather in the Narthex at 7:30 pm. Here are the coming topics: -June 19: Fr. Tim “How to build a prayer time.” -June 26: Fr. Chris “The Sacrifice of the Mass.” -July 3: Deacon Robert “What is the Sacrament of Holy Orders?” ​